Monday, July 29, 2013

Sushi Time

Hi Everyone :)
Summer is passing by and I didn't even get the chance to enjoy it. I still take summer classes so it kind of feels like the real Summer has never started for me.
Recently me and my friends went out for a sushi. Gosh I love it :) I did not have a chance to enjoy it back when I was leaving in Poland (yes, that's where I come from), so now I eat it every possible time.
I love life- seriously I know how cheesy it sounds but for some reason I enjoy life so much and I try to stay positive and happy all the time. I think that I am doing well with that.
So now it's the right time to share with you the best thing that is about to happen :) I am a HUGE fan of Panic! At The Disco. It's been so many years since I've wanted to see their show. Couple of weeks ago I realized that they're touring here in America, so I checked their schedule. Thank God I "woke up" a day before Chicago ticket's pre-sale. I purchased the ticket on some radio's pre-sale before the official one. Guess what- the ticked sold out in less than two hours. I've spent $30 on a ticket and the next day the cheapest tickets were $59 + taxes. I am so happy. The dream is about to come true. Well, Brendon is married now but whatever at least I'll get to see him live :) Hope you guys feel the positive energy and enjoy every day of your life.
Kisses Nat,
Panic! At The Disco


  1. that sushi looks really yummy

  2. Sushi is my weakness! Totally had some yesterday :)

  3. dziękuję za komentarz! Ja jeszcze nigdy nie jadłam sushi, jakoś nie mogę się przełamać, pozdrawiam :) u mnie nowy post!


  5. What an amazing blog you have! I LOVED looking through. That sushi looks really delicious! =D It's definitely one of my favorite foods!

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  6. I love sushi! Great for summertime too.

  7. Hey darling)
    sure I would like to follow each other))
    already followed you)now its your turn)

    xoxo Christy

  8. Hi pretty! You've a nice blog:)
    Thank you for your comment, I follow you now!
    Have a nice day!

  9. oh i remember the days of summer uni classes, I understand your pain!
    so glad you got tickets how fun.

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  11. The sushi looks amazing!

    Rebecca x