Friday, September 13, 2013

Panic! At The Disco Time ♥

Hello Lovelies,
Few weeks ago I wrote a post on how excited I was about going to Panic! At The Disco's show. I would never ever think that my ONE AND ONLY celebrity crush will walk by me so many times before the show has even started. I will never forget this emotions and the overwhelming happiness.
Let's be honest I may not be the first person to cry as I see Brendon but I literally love him and this band so, so, so much and seeing the boys, having a little chi chat with Zack (cool guy in the pic down below) and having Brendon Urie and Dallon Weekes talking to us and just being hot was incredible. I couldn't have a better "first time meeting Panic! At The Disco" experience.
Check out some of the pictures I took :D

Now we all can tell that Sarah Orzechowski is the right one to be Mrs. Urie :) Just look at her. She's gorgeous ♥ They look so cute together...

The only one missing was Spencer Smith. I wish we could've seen him and just show him that we care about him and love him. I think he already knows that tho. I mean- he should!

As much as I love Ryan and John (ex-members) I cannot imagine this band without Dallon!!! He was incredible! Brendon and him are meant to be! I was lucky enough to have a great spot in the front row, right in front of Dallon. The way he behaves on stage... hashtag PERFECTION haha

Just look at them :D

And this is me being all "half face pose" Lady Gaga style haha just kidding :)

Just tell me how can I not be happy? I took so many pictures of them, I have great videos and most important I saw how amazing this band is live! They were better than I expected and trust me I expected a lot! They were amazing!!! Brendon is crazy and... he gave us a half naked back flip woohoo.

Hope you guys like the pictures. If you are not familiar with this incredible band Check Them Out :D
Kisses Nat,

Monday, July 29, 2013

Sushi Time

Hi Everyone :)
Summer is passing by and I didn't even get the chance to enjoy it. I still take summer classes so it kind of feels like the real Summer has never started for me.
Recently me and my friends went out for a sushi. Gosh I love it :) I did not have a chance to enjoy it back when I was leaving in Poland (yes, that's where I come from), so now I eat it every possible time.
I love life- seriously I know how cheesy it sounds but for some reason I enjoy life so much and I try to stay positive and happy all the time. I think that I am doing well with that.
So now it's the right time to share with you the best thing that is about to happen :) I am a HUGE fan of Panic! At The Disco. It's been so many years since I've wanted to see their show. Couple of weeks ago I realized that they're touring here in America, so I checked their schedule. Thank God I "woke up" a day before Chicago ticket's pre-sale. I purchased the ticket on some radio's pre-sale before the official one. Guess what- the ticked sold out in less than two hours. I've spent $30 on a ticket and the next day the cheapest tickets were $59 + taxes. I am so happy. The dream is about to come true. Well, Brendon is married now but whatever at least I'll get to see him live :) Hope you guys feel the positive energy and enjoy every day of your life.
Kisses Nat,
Panic! At The Disco

Thursday, June 13, 2013


Kisses Everyone!
Okay, so I start this "talk" about my hair every time I possibly can, but this time I want it to be a little more fun and to bring a little bit of hope to those who struggle with their hair as much as I do :)
Guess what? I found this amazing sisters from LuxyHair  that I fell in love with. This is where the real story begins. These girls have their own company that makes amazing hair extensions. I used to be a little skeptical about hair extensions but seeing them looking gorgeous made me change my mind completely.
Right now I am saving every cent so I can get them as soon as possible!
The extensions are made out of natural hair and are pretty and fresh.
Check out some pictures to see what I mean.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

let's go shopping

Kisses Everyone!
I just want to share with you some of my newest products/things. I went shopping few times during the Spring Brake and I get few things that I believe are worth sharing.
Hope you'll like it!

As you may know I struggle with my hair a lot, so I obsessively buy new hair products hoping it'll help me.
Lately I found an amazing product that actually works miracles!

Garnier Fructis- Triple Nutrion

I love this product! It makes hair so soft and seems like the hair is getting healthier.

No Name- $4.99 "Gold" Ring
I find rings really fashionable and sexy but to be honest I don't have many of them. I kinda feel like my fingers are too "fat" and short for it. Here you have me trying to fight my stupid thoughts :)

Vintage Sunglasses- Amazon- $9.99
Ok guys! I am addicted to sunglasses. I have about 12 pairs now and I still buy new once. Here is a picture of me wearing my newest vintage Miley Cyrus inspired glasses #loveit

I encourage you to follow me on Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr :)
Let me know where do you like to shop and what online stores you prefer the most?

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

advices' time

Kisses Everyone!
I would like this post not to be about me giving you advices but about you helping me  :)
I have been struggling with my skin lately. It's gotten too dry, so as I have put my make-up on, the dry spots have been super visible. It's seemed really unnatural and definitely has been driving my a little crazy. I've read a lot of your blogs and reviews lately and I have noticed that a lot of you guys have the same problem and most of you use some moisturizers to make it better, so I've  followed your steps and bought some new ones. I am still not healed completely but I can see the progress. I am using moisturizes such as Johnson's Baby Lotion and Lubriderm. Great once :) They are refreshing and soft, so the skin is really nice after you use them. Especially Lubriderm, dry spots disappear right away!
Please let me know if you know any other moisturizers that could help me with my issue :)

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

beauty therapy

Kisses Everyone!
Wednesdays are my lazy days. I have only one class, and  when I come back at 10a.m. I feel like I own the day :) Today I decided to give myself some relaxing time such as bubble bath, face mask, hair mask- one word- FUN. I always want to have everything ready, so I won't get crazy over products that apparently are missing. I love using shower gels and all types of body washes ♥

 I also really like to have those "no make-up" moments, when I can let my skin breath, and get some rest- which is super important! 
No, I am definitely not showing you my "naked" face, but as much as I don't like not having my make-up on, my skin loves it.  My face is my "best friend" at some point, so I have to give her what she needs and wants sometimes :) 

Saturday, February 16, 2013

short about me

Kiss Kiss Everyone!
So guys, here comes a short post about me and my biggest issue called PROCRASTINATION! Gosh I hate it. This is the thing I have to fight with everyday- honestly. It is so easy to say: "I am so tired and I'll do later" but still- THAT IS A LIE! Stupid excuses. So knowing that what I often call laziness is wrong I decided to make some serious changes and take care of myself and stuff that have to be done. To not make the same mistakes all over again I am about to make a list with the responsibilities... yeah this is such an important and necessary thing :)  Hopefully it will help!

First step that needs to be done during my war with Lady Procrastination is showing up at the gym!!! I signed up for the gym about 6 months ago, and at the beginning I was working out every single day... I've lost some weight and I've got lazy. I started missing the gym. I used to say: "I'll go tomorrow." It didn't work. Right now, as I am facing my problem, this is the most important thing for me to do. Bikini time is getting closer and I need to work on my "bikini body." A lot of work i guess!!! Ohhh I forgot to tell you- I already bought my very first Fitness Mat, so I can do some exercises at my house :) Isn't this exciting?!

Let me know if you are facing any of this kinda issues :) I fell for Twitter lately, so you can follow and contact me anytime if you want to- @richnatalie ♥ I'd appreciate it.

THIS IS WAR- ♥This Is War