Thursday, April 11, 2013

let's go shopping

Kisses Everyone!
I just want to share with you some of my newest products/things. I went shopping few times during the Spring Brake and I get few things that I believe are worth sharing.
Hope you'll like it!

As you may know I struggle with my hair a lot, so I obsessively buy new hair products hoping it'll help me.
Lately I found an amazing product that actually works miracles!

Garnier Fructis- Triple Nutrion

I love this product! It makes hair so soft and seems like the hair is getting healthier.

No Name- $4.99 "Gold" Ring
I find rings really fashionable and sexy but to be honest I don't have many of them. I kinda feel like my fingers are too "fat" and short for it. Here you have me trying to fight my stupid thoughts :)

Vintage Sunglasses- Amazon- $9.99
Ok guys! I am addicted to sunglasses. I have about 12 pairs now and I still buy new once. Here is a picture of me wearing my newest vintage Miley Cyrus inspired glasses #loveit

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Let me know where do you like to shop and what online stores you prefer the most?