Wednesday, February 20, 2013

beauty therapy

Kisses Everyone!
Wednesdays are my lazy days. I have only one class, and  when I come back at 10a.m. I feel like I own the day :) Today I decided to give myself some relaxing time such as bubble bath, face mask, hair mask- one word- FUN. I always want to have everything ready, so I won't get crazy over products that apparently are missing. I love using shower gels and all types of body washes ♥

 I also really like to have those "no make-up" moments, when I can let my skin breath, and get some rest- which is super important! 
No, I am definitely not showing you my "naked" face, but as much as I don't like not having my make-up on, my skin loves it.  My face is my "best friend" at some point, so I have to give her what she needs and wants sometimes :) 


  1. Lovely collection of bath stuff! :) I'll have to try some of the bodycology. I bet they smell amazing!

  2. It is important to take care of oneself!!!
    Kisses honey!!!!

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  4. a nice relaxing pampering day is always awesome

  5. no make up moments means we're on our simple yet true self ;-) and if we're still looking good in the mirror, that means we're truly beautiful. love pampering myself too.

  6. Lovely collection xx

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  7. i love relaxing days, pamper nights including a long bath and i enjoy beautiful bodywashes too. i think its really important for the skin to have some make up free days and who needs make up on a relaxing day?

  8. Hello dear. :) Like your blog and nice post. I am your new follower now. Hope you follow back... (?) :)

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    Your Elizabeth,

  9. Thank you for stopping by my blog :)
    Lovely post, all them products look perect for a pamper eveing!

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  10. AMAZING!!
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  11. Fun post! It's definitely nice to let my skin breathe once in awhile.

    <3 Josephine

  12. Lovely post, the shadows in that palette looks gorge!

    Nice blog, i'm a new follower :)

    Kimberley x

  13. Those look like really great products! That palette looks really cool!

  14. Great review my dear. Well done!!!
    Best Regards
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  15. Great reviews, love all the details here, thanks for sharing, it really shows you love to share info, I think I got some prods here I'd like to try myself. So glad I clicked on your comment that led me back to your blog, your posts' contents are info and image juicy so expect to be seeing some regular comments from me. I've just upload my selection of street style shots I personally took from London Fashion Week, do tell me what you think on whether or not you approve of these street provokers.

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  17. i go no-makeup but still have to put on some moisturizer. my dry skin neeeeds it. following ya.

  18. Thank you very much for your lovely comment!!!
    I follow you now as "phi" (Filipa Moreira)!

    If you want, we can also follow each other on facebook and bloglovin!!! Let me know!!


  19. I agree that no makeup moments are so important - I find that my makeup always looks better once I've let my skin breathe for a day or two.

  20. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog Natalie ^^
    Is that a CS concealer palette I see? I've been wanting one of those for forever, is it as good as everyone says it is?
    Have a great Sunday doll xx

    1. Thanks for replying so soon to my question on my blog! : )

  21. So true. We should give our skin a break from all the products that we apply. <3 And please don't be shy showing off your naked face because you are beautiful with or without make up. :)

    Btw, thanks for the sweet comment you left on my blog.
    Followed you already <3

    The Sun Kissed Girl

  22. Great Blog!

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  23. Such a lovely blog really like this post and I also like to let my skin breath and have a day especially for relaxing normally a Sunday D: xx

  24. Thank you for comment :) Great blog. Kiss, Natalie.

  25. I like to treat myself to a spa day at home too and indulge in face masks and hair treatments and so on. So much fun!

    PS: I'm hosting a Living Nature skin essentials pack giveaway at my blog, hope you enter:

  26. Yeah feels much fresher without make up :)

  27. When I'm just hanging around at home, I usually don't have makeup on so that my skin can breathe! :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  28. oh lucky you! my fave day is thursday hihi, because i have evening classes - so the whole day is mine:P lol
    thanks so much for commenting on my blog! following you now - your photos are so beautiful, what camera do you use?

    lots of love xx