Sunday, February 3, 2013

hello blogger

Kiss Kiss Everyone!

My name is Natalie, 20. Very passionate about youtubers and blogers my age, who have achieved a lot :)
I know polish pretty well, so you can always use this language- I'll understand ♥
I've decided to start blogging, so I can enjoy something new, and get to know other blogers! Now I feel like I've made a really smart decision because I don't waste time, and there is always so many things to do on this site! 
This blog is made for people- girls and boys- who love fashion and love to share their vision of style with others. I am going to show what I find inspiring, beautiful and worth showing and writing about.
For the last few months I became obsessed with bloggers such as Zoe or Louise and I figured that the only way to stop this addiction is to create my own world ♥
I have many, many, many ideas and I believe that I need to let them be.
Hopefully you will like it!


  1. welcome to the blogger world.i'm really excited to read more.
    are you interested in following each other?

  2. Good luck! <3 Would you like to take a look at my blog? Just started to!


  3. Thanks for following me! :) your blog's so cute!
    I became obsessed with Zoe & Louise as well ha good luck with it - i'm excited to read more :)