Tuesday, February 26, 2013

advices' time

Kisses Everyone!
I would like this post not to be about me giving you advices but about you helping me  :)
I have been struggling with my skin lately. It's gotten too dry, so as I have put my make-up on, the dry spots have been super visible. It's seemed really unnatural and definitely has been driving my a little crazy. I've read a lot of your blogs and reviews lately and I have noticed that a lot of you guys have the same problem and most of you use some moisturizers to make it better, so I've  followed your steps and bought some new ones. I am still not healed completely but I can see the progress. I am using moisturizes such as Johnson's Baby Lotion and Lubriderm. Great once :) They are refreshing and soft, so the skin is really nice after you use them. Especially Lubriderm, dry spots disappear right away!
Please let me know if you know any other moisturizers that could help me with my issue :)

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

beauty therapy

Kisses Everyone!
Wednesdays are my lazy days. I have only one class, and  when I come back at 10a.m. I feel like I own the day :) Today I decided to give myself some relaxing time such as bubble bath, face mask, hair mask- one word- FUN. I always want to have everything ready, so I won't get crazy over products that apparently are missing. I love using shower gels and all types of body washes ♥

 I also really like to have those "no make-up" moments, when I can let my skin breath, and get some rest- which is super important! 
No, I am definitely not showing you my "naked" face, but as much as I don't like not having my make-up on, my skin loves it.  My face is my "best friend" at some point, so I have to give her what she needs and wants sometimes :) 

Saturday, February 16, 2013

short about me

Kiss Kiss Everyone!
So guys, here comes a short post about me and my biggest issue called PROCRASTINATION! Gosh I hate it. This is the thing I have to fight with everyday- honestly. It is so easy to say: "I am so tired and I'll do later" but still- THAT IS A LIE! Stupid excuses. So knowing that what I often call laziness is wrong I decided to make some serious changes and take care of myself and stuff that have to be done. To not make the same mistakes all over again I am about to make a list with the responsibilities... yeah this is such an important and necessary thing :)  Hopefully it will help!

First step that needs to be done during my war with Lady Procrastination is showing up at the gym!!! I signed up for the gym about 6 months ago, and at the beginning I was working out every single day... I've lost some weight and I've got lazy. I started missing the gym. I used to say: "I'll go tomorrow." It didn't work. Right now, as I am facing my problem, this is the most important thing for me to do. Bikini time is getting closer and I need to work on my "bikini body." A lot of work i guess!!! Ohhh I forgot to tell you- I already bought my very first Fitness Mat, so I can do some exercises at my house :) Isn't this exciting?!

Let me know if you are facing any of this kinda issues :) I fell for Twitter lately, so you can follow and contact me anytime if you want to- @richnatalie ♥ I'd appreciate it.

THIS IS WAR- ♥This Is War

Monday, February 11, 2013


Kiss Kiss Everyone!
I saw the movie called "Dark Knight Rises" the other day. The movie is great but not being such a huge fan of Batman made it a little bit harder to understand. I probably have seen the first Batman, but it was long time ago and the only thing I clearly remember is Joker :) Have to see the old ones I guess!
Shame on me!

I have to admit that I really enjoyed seeing Anne Hathaway as a Catwoman. She was amazing and of course pretty as never before. Time to watch more movies :) I am pretty excited about upcoming "Dead Man Down" (Colin Farell). Hopefully I'll be great.

The very last movie I saw lately was "Now Is Good" with Dakota Fanning. Great one. Really interesting story and to be honest it made me cry. Loved it!

Thursday, February 7, 2013


Kiss Kiss Everyone!
It isn't healthy for me to be in the store for too long. I always wanna get as many things as possible. It can be really dangerous for my budget + I never know if I'll be satisfied with what I bought. It drives me crazy because it feels like I need everything- new foundation, powder, bronzer, something for my hair etc.
Luckily I have my lovely sisters who always try not to let me buy unnecessary things, so I won't regret :)
Check out what I bought lately!

I love this one! It makes my face look very nice and natural. It is a really delicate mousse and it stays on my face for a long time. There's no need for using huge amounts to get an amazing effect.

I've never had this one before. Hopefully it will work for me. It is very smooth and it smells pretty good :)

My very favorite hair-care product! It is amazing! It makes my hair very soft. I need to use a lot of products like this, because I destroyed my hair, and I am trying to get them back in the perfect shape. It's very hard tho. Don't be lazy if it comes to hair-care! Use all kinds of protectors, conditioners and oils, so you will never have to struggle with your hair as I do.

Cheap one! I like the color, but it isn't one of those "long lasting" products. You don't wanna use it as you go to a party or any type of event. It can disappear really fast and it won't be fun  anymore. I bought this one because I wanted to see if I like the way it looks on nails. And I do :)

I can't wait till the end of this week. I am really exhausted- not knowing why. I feel like I might use some really long nap :) Check out my favorite men- Brendon Urie and Spencer Smith ♥

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

all things kardashian

 Kiss Kiss Everyone!
Unfortunately I was really busy with work and school lately, and I didn't have time for shopping or any other pleasant things. I did some research about what to buy and I ordered few things online. I will share them as soon as I get them :)
As I was searching for clothes and cosmetics I went through Kim Kardashian's pics. I am hypnotized by the way she looks. I bet she wouldn't be this beautiful without the fame but still--- well KARDASHIAN KOLLECTION ♥ Nice clothes, nice price!
Their dresses and overalls- I guess that's how it's called- are amazing (most of them). Kardashians all look gorgeous wearing those clothes, so why wouldn't we look the same? Always think positive.
My love to Kardashians is optional, but sometimes when I wake up I think to myself: "Could I be KK today?" Never know what to expect from your brain...

I love Kardashian Kolor so bad, but it is soooo expensive... $7 for one is a lot, mostly when you can get a nail polish even for $1. But- being fabulous has its price, right? :)

If you don't like Kardashians just remember one thing:

Sunday, February 3, 2013

hello blogger

Kiss Kiss Everyone!

My name is Natalie, 20. Very passionate about youtubers and blogers my age, who have achieved a lot :)
I know polish pretty well, so you can always use this language- I'll understand ♥
I've decided to start blogging, so I can enjoy something new, and get to know other blogers! Now I feel like I've made a really smart decision because I don't waste time, and there is always so many things to do on this site! 
This blog is made for people- girls and boys- who love fashion and love to share their vision of style with others. I am going to show what I find inspiring, beautiful and worth showing and writing about.
For the last few months I became obsessed with bloggers such as Zoe or Louise and I figured that the only way to stop this addiction is to create my own world ♥
I have many, many, many ideas and I believe that I need to let them be.
Hopefully you will like it!