Friday, September 13, 2013

Panic! At The Disco Time ♥

Hello Lovelies,
Few weeks ago I wrote a post on how excited I was about going to Panic! At The Disco's show. I would never ever think that my ONE AND ONLY celebrity crush will walk by me so many times before the show has even started. I will never forget this emotions and the overwhelming happiness.
Let's be honest I may not be the first person to cry as I see Brendon but I literally love him and this band so, so, so much and seeing the boys, having a little chi chat with Zack (cool guy in the pic down below) and having Brendon Urie and Dallon Weekes talking to us and just being hot was incredible. I couldn't have a better "first time meeting Panic! At The Disco" experience.
Check out some of the pictures I took :D

Now we all can tell that Sarah Orzechowski is the right one to be Mrs. Urie :) Just look at her. She's gorgeous ♥ They look so cute together...

The only one missing was Spencer Smith. I wish we could've seen him and just show him that we care about him and love him. I think he already knows that tho. I mean- he should!

As much as I love Ryan and John (ex-members) I cannot imagine this band without Dallon!!! He was incredible! Brendon and him are meant to be! I was lucky enough to have a great spot in the front row, right in front of Dallon. The way he behaves on stage... hashtag PERFECTION haha

Just look at them :D

And this is me being all "half face pose" Lady Gaga style haha just kidding :)

Just tell me how can I not be happy? I took so many pictures of them, I have great videos and most important I saw how amazing this band is live! They were better than I expected and trust me I expected a lot! They were amazing!!! Brendon is crazy and... he gave us a half naked back flip woohoo.

Hope you guys like the pictures. If you are not familiar with this incredible band Check Them Out :D
Kisses Nat,