Thursday, June 13, 2013


Kisses Everyone!
Okay, so I start this "talk" about my hair every time I possibly can, but this time I want it to be a little more fun and to bring a little bit of hope to those who struggle with their hair as much as I do :)
Guess what? I found this amazing sisters from LuxyHair  that I fell in love with. This is where the real story begins. These girls have their own company that makes amazing hair extensions. I used to be a little skeptical about hair extensions but seeing them looking gorgeous made me change my mind completely.
Right now I am saving every cent so I can get them as soon as possible!
The extensions are made out of natural hair and are pretty and fresh.
Check out some pictures to see what I mean.


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  3. I want ectensions my hair is a mess with this rainy wheater

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  4. Śliczne fryzurki:)))

    + obserwuję i zapraszam do mnie w wolnej chwili :-*

  5. I finally got around to checking out your blog, and its wonderful. I am now following you. I hope you're doing the same! :)

  6. I love the brown hair. and I am following you now. and nice blog.

  7. I like the first photo :) Nice blog :)

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  10. Great pictures, the extensions look really natural! x Thanks for your comment on my blog, I have followed you on gfc and bloglovin :)

  11. I am also thinking about extensions, I have long hair, but I want to have more ;D